The Baktalórántháza Small Region

The Baktalórántháza Small Region in located in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county in the Northern Plains. The small region comprises the following 19 settlements:
Apagy, Baktalórántháza, Besenyőd, Berkesz, Laskod, Levelek, Magy, Nyíribrony, Nyírjákó, Nyírkarász, Nyírkércs, Nyírmada, Nyírtass, Nyírtét, Ófehértó, Petneháza, Pusztadobos, Ramocsaháza, Rohod.

Demographic data
The territory of the settlements belonging to the Baktalórántháza Small Region is a total of 452,75 km2, which amounts to 7,6% of the entire territory of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. The number of the inhabitants is 35,683, constituting 6,1% of the county's population.
At all settlements of the small region there is a kindergarten and an elementary school. Young people go to study at secondary level at the only town of the small region, which is Baktalórántháza, where there is both an academic grammar school and a vocational secondary school. The subject majors taught at the vocational school have been shaped and developed in order to meet the needs of the local labour market. A good example for that is the bee keeping course, making it possible to exploit the natural resources and the advantages offered by the characteristic features of the region more effectively. 

Economic information
In the structure of the economy the Baktalórántháza Small Region, the representation of agricultural, forestry and fishing companies is the highest. Characteristic kinds of fruit of the area are apple and sour cherry. Rye and triticale are also important, and many people grow sunflower and tobacco. In addition to this, the small region has excellent conditions for growing cabbage and similar vegetables. As for animal husbandry, sheep, pig and poultry are dominant.
Industry is also a major employer in the 19 settlements of the small region. In the whole of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, processing industry is the most important, specifically wood processing, food processing and canning and textile industry. The majority of the business ventures in the small region are individual enterprises.

Transport and accessibility
The small region is located along Highway 41, leading to Nyíregyháza and to the Beregsurány border station on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. The county capital is accessible from any settlement of the small region within three quarters of an hour. Accessibility by road will considerably improve in the near future, as Motorway M3, crossing the small region, is soon to be finished.

The small region is served by public transport on Railway Line no. 116, running from Nyíregyháza to Vásárosnamény, and on road, as the coach services operated by Szabolcs Volán come to the settlements of the area, too. One of the hubs of coach services is Baktalórántháza, from where vehicles run to almost all the settlements within the small region.

Tourism, nature
The Baktalórántháza Small region boats a number of natural and architectural sights. An outstanding one is the famous Bakta Forest, which is picturesque and rich in game. In addition to forests of oak, oak and hornbeam, locust, pine and silver poplar, the Baktalórántháza Forestry Company manages a total of 301 hectare protected forests.
Tourists visiting the small region will find comfortable accommodation at a pension at Apagy, a camping site at Levelek, and the Fenyves Restaurant and Pension, able to 50 visitor at a time, at Baktalórántháza.